Digitize Your Slides

Preserve your hard copy slides forever in digital format!  All digitizing will be accomplished with a 24.3 MP camera, though the usable slide space is around 18mp.  Product pricing as follows:

$1 per slide up to 25.
$.75 per slide for 26-75 slides.
$.60 per slide for 76-150 slides.
$.50 per slide for 150+ slides.

Additional costs
CD-R, $2 per.
DVD-R, $5 per (fits approximately 6x the CD-R).
Digital files available for download, $0
Spot correction, $1 for 75 or less, $2 for 76+ slides.

Return shipping is included in the price.

My personal guarantee to the buyer, if I pass 6 months on your project, I will remove 10% of the original quote for every month past the 6 months (unless I deemed it would take longer, and you agree BEFORE hand)!!