Custom Painting Service

Custom painting requires you to supply the locomotive or rolling stock, and usually only require a 25% deposit, and the stock to be shipped to me of course! This should take me anywhere from 2-4 months. Weathering is offered in the light form, fading, dusty, dirty, minor rust marks.  If more complex weathering is requested, the $25 fee will be charged.

Paint prices
$40 for one (1) color & decals
$45 for two (2) colors & decals
$50 for three (3) colors & decals
$55 for four (4) colors + & decals plus cost of paint per color past 6

Additional costs
Custom decals (no white printing!) $15 per sheet
Buying the item, $cost of the item, plus $8
Minor weathering, $12 per item
Complex Weathering, $25 per item
Stripping a pre-painted item, $5 per item

Decals provided, -$value of decals that I'd pay from my supplier (Usually Walthers, MB Klein, or Direct from Microscale)
Multiple items, -$5 to -$25 from the total price

Return shipping is included in the price.

My personal guarantee to the buyer, if I pass 6 months on your painting project, I will remove 10% of the original quote for every month past the 6 months (unless I deemed it would take longer, and you agree BEFORE hand)!!

Your completed items will be shown in my gallery here: