Custom Assembly/Building Service

Custom Building (Scratch and/or Kit Bash)
Projects that require me to acquire the locomotive/rolling stock will require a 25% deposit, and should take me anywhere from 2-6 months to complete, depending on the complexity.

Projects where you supply the locomotive/rolling stock, require only a 25% deposit, and the stock to be shipped to me of course! This should take me anywhere from 2-4 months.

Assembly (Kits)
I can assemble your kits for you.  This usually goes well with custom paint.

A common practice is to update your rolling stock to match NMRA standards and recommended practices.  I can accomplish this with steel, lead, or tungsten (addition $10 charge for tungsten).

$20 flat rate labor.

Shipping is not included with this item, and is usually charged at $12 flat rate with confirmation, or $17 large flat rate box with confirmation.

My personal guarantee to the buyer, if I pass a YEAR on your project, I will remove 10% of the original quote for every month past 1 year (unless I deemed it would take longer, and you agree BEFORE hand)!!

Your completed items will be shown in my gallery here: